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Most Popular Online Games Around the World in 2021


Modern online games allow users to spend their time with pleasure, and multiplayer projects help to find new acquaintances on an everyday basis. Despite the numerous gaming innovations in recent years, many users are wondering which online games are the most popular at the moment?


To solve the eternal dilemma, we gathered a list of really famous and popular online games that draw the attention of millions around the world. In addition to the bestsellers, we've also added slightly less popular games to the list. This is why our article will be useful both for newcomers in the online gaming industry and for experienced gamers. So, let's get started.



The Royal Battle mode for the online team-based game Fortnite gained incredible popularity back in 2017. The peak of 8.3 million active users was passed just in 2018 when 15.3 million users fought online at the same time. The main feature of Fortnite is the dynamic battle map, which delights players with each new season by adding new objects, buildings, and events.


Fortnite's Royal Battle mode is completely free and available to everyone on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Android. On iOS, the project was temporarily unavailable because of a lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games.

Destiny 2


The multiplayer shooter Destiny 2 continues to recruit fighters to its ranks. Despite the transition to the free-to-play monetization model and the project's release on Steam, a lot of players have remained loyal to the roots and continue to explore the open space on consoles.   


Destiny 2 is one of the best hybrids of first-person shooter and MMORPG. Great graphics combined with an elaborate story and a wide range of different activities will not let anyone feel annoyed. The only thing that may scare away a newcomer is a huge amount of content that is almost instantly available for exploration. Major expansions that add new activities, maps, and storylines deserve special attention.

Online Casinos


Playing online games is convenient and comfortable. Users no longer need to leave their homes and travel long distances just to find their favorite games in a real casino. Technology has brought blackjack, slot machines, video poker, roulette, baccarat, and other popular casino games just to their doorstep.


Although many enthusiasts argue that there is no substitute for the physical casino experience, the number of people signing up at online casinos is growing rapidly. Every day you can easily find a new list of 50 free spins no deposit offers and win real money in casinos even without any investment. In addition, more and more users receive various attractive bonuses when registering at online casinos or making the first deposit. Casino operators are really generous and offer various promotions with additional cash prizes.



It's hard to find someone who doesn't know anything about Minecraft. This simulator is probably the most popular online survival game in the world. During the summer of 2020 game developers announced that they have sold over 200 million copies of the game and a monthly audience is estimated at 126 million users. Minecraft mainly covers a young audience of under 14 years, but adult gamers are also able to find some real entertainment there. 

Dota 2


Of course, this game is slowly losing its fans, but regular updates and the annual compendium bring players back to the classical Dota atmosphere. The only disadvantage of such Steam products is the high cost of various additional accessories and generally the high cost of other games. For example, while playing at online casinos you can easily get bonuses without making a deposit and still win some real money. However, in Steam, you need to constantly invest your money without any chance to get a cashback.



In this article, we have collected just a few examples of highly popular online games. During the last years, the online gaming market has taken a huge leap in both quality and number of active players. This is also related to the pandemic when huge masses of people were trapped within four walls. Throughout the quarantine, millions of players from all over the world were simultaneously enjoying online strategies, shooters, and casino games. In the future, this trend will only evolve, so we hope that our article will help you to choose the best game for your future victories.






Author: Leslie Alexander


Leslie is a content lead and gambling expert at Gamblizard. Previously, she worked as a professional editor in large informational and media platforms. Currently, her team at Gamblizard produces articles about bonus offers and other promotions in the online casino sphere.




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