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GTA 5: Unveiling the Fascinating World of Crime and Chaos

You can talk about GTA for a very long time, finding more and more new facts, because this universe is simply full of them, which is proven by the incredible popularity of GTA Online, years after its release. However, today we will look at the most interesting and unusual facts of the great car thief.



Growing demand for boosting services

Along with the popularity of the game itself, the demand for boosting services has grown. This lies in the fact that teams of professional players help others buy gta money, develop, and complete difficult content. This allows the player to save money, time, and effort, so the excitement around the service is only growing.


Enviable popularity

The online mode of GTA 5 was enjoyed by many players. This is not surprising, but the fact is that even in 2024, many players are joining the ranks of GTA, and old players do not even think of leaving their favorite game. In 2021, the game demonstrated simply excellent performance in terms of peak online and often climbed to the top. However, GTA simply has a perfectly designed world in which there is something to do and this is the main reason for the success of the project, because if it is interesting alone, then with friends the effect is enhanced. The main thing is not to forget to put money in the bank during the next robbery, so as not to lose your savings in case of failure.


Bigger, better, more fun

The series has always been famous for its large cities with sophisticated artificial intelligence. But at different times the concept of a big city was very different. So, in the fifth part, this is the whole metropolis of Los Angeles (yes, the game Los Santos is written off from it). By the way, this city has already been presented in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but now the scale is completely different and many real places are available for exploration:


  • International Airport;
  • Westin Bonaventure Hotel;
  • Avenue of Stars;
  • Watts Towers.


And many other attractions. By the way, even ordinary blocks and streets are copied and have real prototypes. Of course, the project was not limited to urban areas, and surrounding areas including forests and mountains are open to the public. The changes also affected the protagonists, of whom there are now three. Among them is the cruel Trevor, who has constant seizures and is capable of inflicting colossal damage on his enemies. Franklin is a skilled driver, easily escaping from pursuit, even on highways, even through the narrow streets of poor neighborhoods. And, of course, where would we be without the professional mercenary Michael, who knows how to slow down time in firefights? But the main feature is that gamers will often have to change characters, which will significantly diversify the gameplay. By the way, Los Santos provides as many as 62 story missions, but there may be more of them under certain conditions.


Living World

Even today, many modern open-world games are often compared to GTA 5, as it is rightfully considered one of the most advanced in the industry. The wide range of possibilities, in addition to story missions, is amazing - shopping, collecting, diving, robbing banks and stores, trading on the stock exchange, and all kinds of sports - and this is only a small part of the available entertainment. But that's not what's interesting. Non-player characters also have lives of their own, and the attention to detail is amazing. They express dissatisfaction with improper parking, take photos of all unusual events and luxurious views, may not approve of the gamers' musical taste, and even get offended and refer to lack of time if you call them too often.


The most interesting details

To understand the complexity of the work done by Rockstar, just read the following facts:


  1. Lots of random events. Very often, passers-by may need the help of the protagonist. Moreover, in a variety of issues, from asking to catch up with a thief who stole a wallet or bicycle, to transporting victims of an accident or even protecting someone’s life;
  2. If the car is old, it inevitably breaks down, the brakes squeak, and starting it the first time is akin to winning the lottery;
  3. It’s a small thing, but still: the slippers don’t fit your feet and sag when you move;
  4. Clothing gets wet only to the level that the water reaches. And when working for a long time, the characters sweat;
  5. By photographing a girl in a swimsuit, you can run into her boyfriend. Street performers also show aggression if you use their services and do not pay;
  6. Many characters have memories. They will ask and comment on hairstyles, and events, and even criticize hunting photos;


In addition, GPS does not pick up in tunnels, communications are distorted in the mountains, people and the hero stagger when braking sharply, DJs on the radio distinguish between day and night, and Michael can easily call and yell if his car is taken by another character without asking.



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