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Exploring the Classic Card Games—The Bridge Games

The bridge is currently one of the most well-liked card games around. Bridge's widespread appeal stems from the paradox of its simplicity (in terms of learning and playing) and complexity (in terms of becoming a good player) simultaneously. Many people are drawn to bridge because it is one of the most accessible card games to pick up and play and one that skilled competitors regularly contest.

Even game experts wouldn’t deny that for more than a century, people are still into and have been playing bridge games until this day. Even if today we have modern or online games like Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG, CS: GO, etc., where you can simply play at sites like or other CS GO gambling websites, still, bridge games never let themselves be left out, and it’s even brought up to the world of online casinos. Although not all online casino sites cater to this game, some sites still include bridge games so their customers can still enjoy the perks of playing them. 

Therefore, if you are interested in learning the rules and history of the game, you are in luck. I hope you find the information you seek in this post.


The Bridge Games

The original name for the first was changed to bridge whist to differentiate it from the other two games in the series. Introduced to New York in 1893 and London in 1894, the bridge quickly became the preferred card game at upscale social gatherings for men and women before the turn of the twentieth century. 

Auction bridge, which originated in England in 1904, quickly surpassed bridge whist as the most popular card game in the world from 1907 until 1928. Around 1930, when the contract bridge became more popular, the auction bridge gradually lost popularity among its once 15 million fans.


The Bridge Whist

Like in whist, a bridge consists of two partnerships of two players, each receiving a hand of 13 cards. In whist, however, each player keeps and plays their hand, and the trump suit is always revealed by turning over the dealer's final card. The dealer or the dealer's partner chooses the trump suit after seeing their cards in bridge whist. Other changes include:

  • The ability to play at no trump.

  • The dealer's exposed dummy (their partner's hand).

  • A new scoring system.

  • The chance to double (the scoring values).


The Auction Bridge

All four players in the auction bridge place bids on who gets to identify the trump suit, and the highest bidder (or his partner, if he is not the dealer) plays the dummy's hand. Auction bridge's procedures changed frequently and in many different ways.


Contract Bridge

Contract bridge is played similarly to auction bridge except that the scoring is different. Declarer's side scores toward the game in auction bridge for every odd trick it wins, regardless of whether or not it agreed to win such a trick in the contract. 

In the card game of contract bridge, if the declarer takes an odd number of tricks, those tricks do not count toward a game unless the declarer's side has already agreed to score for them. Large incentives are given for bidding and making slam contracts in the contract bridge. The values of tricks, penalties, and premiums are all significantly higher than in the auction bridge.


The Deal

Cards are shuffled by the player to the dealer's left. It is recommended to utilize two packs, one of which can be shuffled while the other is used for dealing. After shuffling, the dealer passes the deck to his right, where his opponent divides the deck into two piles of at least four cards each. It's the dealer's turn to do the slash.

In the card game contract bridge, play always goes clockwise around the table, from left to right. The dealer shuffles the deck and hands 13 cards, one at a time, face down, to each player in turn, beginning with the person to his left and ending with himself.


The Auction

Immediately following the deal's conclusion, each player (beginning with the dealer) will be able to make a call in turn. You are making a call if you pass, bid, double, or redouble. A pass indicates a lack of interest in making a contract to win any particular trick. The bidder agrees to take many odd tricks with that trump or with no trump. 

A contract to take seven tricks with hearts as trumps is implied by a bid of one heart; likewise, a bid of one no trump assumes a contract to take seven tricks with no trump suit. Seven is the maximum bid, which guarantees you'll take home all 13 tricks in the game.


The Trick Play

To win tricks is the goal of the game. To win a trick, each player must play one card from their hand face up into the center of the table. The first card played to a trick is called the lead.

The first trick is won by the defender on the declarer's left. The dummy is the player opposite the declarer, who lays out his hand faceup in suit order with the trumps, if any, to his right. Declarer uses a dummy and his hand, but only in the appropriate order.


The Scoring

Anyone can score the game; however, it is customary for one player on each team to keep score. There are two types of scores in bridge: the trick score, which is written below the horizontal line, and the honor score, which is written above. Both are recorded on a score sheet (in the United States) or bridge block (in Britain).

Each trick taken beyond six awards bonus points to the declarer's side, depending on the suit of the contract. Each diamond and club odd trick is worth 20 points, each spade and heart odd trick is worth 30, and the first no trump odd trick is for 40 points.


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