Stairway Escape Walkthrough by AyJay(escapegames24). Remember To Note Which Floor You Are On As You Will Need This Info Later On...(You Start On Floor #1 (The Green Room) Etc...) When You Get To The Second Floor (The Red Room) Click On The Thing On The Wall That looks Like It Might Be Some Kind Of Writing...GET BLOCK #1. Before Leaving This Floor, Grab FLOWER From The Handrail. Go To Next Room (The Yellow Room) Grab The CHEESE Off The Plate On The Dresser. Open Drawer #1 To Get A Key That You Will Use Later. Go To Next Floor (The Blue Room) Click On The Mouse Hole On The Floor And Give Mouse The CHEESE To Get A Second KEY. Grab The Hammer Before You Leave. Go To The Next Room (The Gray/White Room) Notice You Don't Have To Do Anything Here...YET! lol Go Back To The Second Floor (The Red Room) Use HAMMER On The Box On The Floor To Get BLOCK #2. Go Back To The First Floor (The Green Room) Use KEY #1 On The Very Bottem Drawer Of The Dresser To Get BLOCK #3. Since You're Already Here Might As Well Change The Station On The "Radio" Near The Floor... Go Back To The Second Floor (The Red Room) Go Ahead And Mes With The "Radio" In Here As Well. Go To The Third Floor (The Yellow Room) Play With The "Radio" Here Too... Go To The Fourth Floor (The Blue Room) Again Play With The "Radio"... Put The FLOWER On The Naked Looking Plant To Get BLOCK #4. Go To The Fifth Floor (The Gray/White Room) And Once Again Play With The "Radio" If You've Done All The Radios Correctly The A Secret Compartment In The Wall Should Have Opened Revealing BLOCK #5. Go Back To The Yellow Room Click On The Cabinet There And Play With The Buttons Until You Get BLOCK #6. Now Go Back To The Green Room For The Final Time. Click On The Topmost Drawer Of The Dresser And Place All Six BLOCKS And KEY #2 There To Get Another KEY. Now Go All The Way To The Top Floor And Use Your Final Key To...ESCAPE! SOLUTIONS: The "Radios" Just Need To Be Put On The Station That Matches The Floor You Are On At That Moment...Thanks Goes To @Small-Tool For That! The Cabinet With The Colored Buttons Goes: Red-24 Yellow-15 Blue-24 As For The Panel That Looks Like It's Got Writing On It... Don't Touch The First 3 "Toggles", Take The Last One And Move It All The Way To The Right. I Just Brute-Forced It Like Everyone Else And That's What Worked For Me. Thanks Goes To Everyone Else Who Has Commented On Here Before Me For All The Help I Got From Them! :)
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CATEGORY Escape Games
GAME TAGS Escape Logic Mind Objects Hidden Stairway Hints
GAME INSTRUCTION Stairway escape is another new point and click room escape game from You are trapped inside in a stairway room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the stairway room. Good Luck and Have Fun!
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