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Walkthrough - Re Room Escape-7 Door House
Free online flash games - Re Room Escape-7 Door House game - Games2Rule
Room Escape-7 Door House Walkthrough by Miller (escapegames24).

- go to the room on the bottom left, zoom on sofa and click the left pillow. Take KEY #1
- back to hall and go to the middle right room. Zoom the table beside bed, click the glass and take KEY #2
- go to upper left room and notice the equation on wall picture (L x l x 1) and also the symbols below clock.
- go to the middle left room, use the keys on the bottom left drawers and take GREEN and RED BOOK.
- view the red book and count all Ls, Is and 1s. Now calculate and you should come up with this code 3750
- go to the bottom right room, use the code on the locker and take KEY #3
- go to the bedroom, use key #3 on the drawer below mirror and take binoculars
- now remember the symbols from upper left room. You have to use the binoculars on every symbol. First start with the bed frame and note the number 3. Then go to upper right room, look outside the window, use binoculars and see 9 (oclock). Strawberries in middle left room 8; plant in bottom left room 9; trophy in bottom right room 2.
- now look at the green book and notice the cubes.
red cube = strawberries (8)
orange = plant (9)
grey = clock outside (9)
brown = bed (3)
yellow = trophy (2)
--> so 8 x 9 x 9 x 3 2 = 1942.
- take KEY #4 and use it on the door in the back and youre out!
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