Escape From The Halloween Village Walkthrough by LNS(escapegames24). OK - a spooky viaage built by a mad architect. Someone has a fire, left of the leftmost house - steal a burning log. And look, a wooden cross - take that too. See the crazy stained glass windows on the right hand house - a cat and a witch. The house with cat ears has strange symbols on the door. Wait, you've seen two of them before, so push them. That is one weird doorbell, but the door has opened and a bouncing pumpkin now lights the central pool. What to do with the fire brand? let's wake the neighbours and throw it in the small top window of the house on the right. Now it's on fire and there is a key on the cobbles below. Take it, it shuld come in useful. I spy a metal bar on top of the left house. Take it and wreck the cat window. They should be awake by now. And lo, we have another lit pumpkin. Take that key and open the house like an own for a third beam of light. What a hoot! Go right or left for a change of scene. take the wooden cross on the right. Someone has a tool shed (or outside toilet) below the big house. Let's put the new cross on the roof, because we can. whoever was in there is grateful and gives us another key. Back to the village. Open the remaining door with the key for another rubber pumpkin. Dip the remaining cross in the water and take it back. Return to the pumpkin field. Hey! monster Jack o'Lantern alert! Attack him with the cross, be sure and take him by surprise by throwing it from left field and head home as if nothing had happened!
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CATEGORY Escape Games
GAME TAGS Puzzle Logic Mind Finding Room Escape Halloween
GAME INSTRUCTION Escape From The Halloween Village Escape is new type of point and click escape game from games2rule.You are trapped inside on the halloween village. In that house a white cat is living, do some magic with the cat to escape from the house. Happy Halloween! Good Luck and Have Fun.
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