Acid Lab Escape walkthrough by kitkatfox (escapegames24). Zoom on the poster on the door for a hint Note the first aid box is locked and one cabinet door needs a code Zoom on the bulletin board on the back wall to see a colorful math hint Zoom on the bottom cabinet door that needs a code Enter the code and hit the arrow button to enter it. SOLUTION BELOW Get the blue key Use the blue key on the first aid box Get the light blue liquid and the test tube with brown acid from the top shelf Zoom on the bottom shelf of the box and see the light purple measurement Zoom on the top shelf of the shelf on the back wall Get the yellow acid test tube from the left top Get the medium blue liquid from the right top Zoom on the left side of the middle shelf for the dark purple measurement Zoom on the right side of the middle shelf for the white measurement Zoom on the left side of the bottom shelf for the dark green measurement Zoom on the test tube stand on the right side of the bottom shelf – take the empty test tube Zoom on the stand on the left side of the counter for the yellowish green acid Zoom on the little test tube stand on the counter (under the back wall shelf) for the blue acid Zoom on the stand under the poster – see the blue measurement Open the bottom left cabinet door for the red measurement Open the second from the left for the book Open the second full door from the right for the purple acid Open the right full door and click the paper on the back of the door for the light green measurement Click the paper on the right side of the experimental set up on the island for the orange measurement Zoom on the blue box on the counter and enter the code SOLUTION BELOW Get the pink acid Zoom on the experimental setup on the island Click the book in your inventory for the about item view. Flip through the pages until you come to the degrees. Drag the red arrow on the Bunsen burner (thing on the left) to the first degree mentioned (25) Place the darker blue flask on the burner Place the greenish yellow beaker on the stand Place the dark purple flask on the right Now click the red tubing to connect all 3 Drag the temperature arrow on the burner to the next setting (37) The greenish and purple liquids should be pulsing. If not, zoom out and then back in. Set the numbers to 25 and then 37. Once both are pulsing, remove the red tubing from the tops of the greenish and purple equipment Take the dark purple liquid back again In you inventory, select the empty test tube Add the brown, yellow, and blue acids to get a gray acid Zoom on the sink Click the left part of the handle to turn the water on Use the gray acid in the water Click the gray acid/water test tube in your inventory Add the rest of the ingredients (dark purple, pink, and light blue acids) The new acid will be light green Zoom on the door lock Use the light green acid to escape! SOLUTIONS Cabinet Door Code The door poster says: C2H5NC+2H20. You need to solve the C_H_N_O_. Just add the number of each letter. Remember, there are 2 H20 so it is really H4O2. So the totals are: C3H9N1O2. SPOILEr3912SPOILER (you MUST zoom on the poster for this to work) Blue Box Code The poster on the back wall says add R+dark G+B+dark P= something. And light P + W+ light G +O= something. Then multiply the 2 answers. So it would be 100+250+25+75=450. And 15+50+35+100=200. 450x200=90,000. When you enter the code, you need to drop a number. So it is 9000.
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CATEGORY Escape Games
GAME TAGS Hidden Escape Puzzle Objects Logic Mind
GAME INSTRUCTION Acid lab Escape is another new point and click room escape game developed by Games2rule. You are trapped inside the lab room. And no one is near to help you out. You will have to use your intelligence to explore the room by finding useful hints, objects and escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!
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