Naughty Room Escape-3 Walkthrough by Catqueen(escapegames24). Take picture from frame on tv. Turn around and take bat. Zoom in on cb. Use picture to open cb. Get eraser, wood and popcorn. The wood is on the lower shelve between purple and yellow jar. Close door and zoom in on shoe. Use eraser on shoe. Zoom in on color wheel, spin it and push button. You get a disc. Spin wheel again and you get a second disc. Zoom in on clock. Take needle from number 4 (IV). Zoom in on bag and open it with needle. Take disk. Open zipper and take key. Look at book and see clue. Zoom in on drawers and take arm. Back and zoom in on barbie. Give the arm to barbie. Zoom in on cd cb and put the 3 discs in. Smash it with bat. The lights are on and now we can do some real work. Click barbies arms, and put the needles as she shows. Clock gives you a pic. Zoom in on painting and use your mouse pointer as axe. This gives another pic. Zoom in on radio, push FM and set it to 207.8 (hint from shoe). Another pic! Put popcorn in machine and get the fourth pic. Click on remote and push red button. Wait for right channel (the blue screen with 'get me out') and then click the green button. Get last pic from tv. Zoom in under tv and put the pics in. You'll get a key. Turn around and open closet and hit the dresses to get 3 wooden pieces. Zoom in on wooden target and put the 4 wooden pieces in place. Finally....the last key. Go upstairs use key and enjoy freedom.
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CATEGORY Escape Games
GAME TAGS Logic Mind Objects Hidden Hints Naughty
GAME INSTRUCTION Naughty Room Escape-3 is another new point and click room escape game from You are trapped inside in a naughty room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the stairway room. Good Luck and Have Fun!
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