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Walkthrough - Mystery Palace Escape-2
Free online flash games - Mystery Palace Escape-2 game - Games2Rule
Mystery Palace Escape-2 Walkthrough by Jo.C(escapegames24).

Start off by clicking the table on the right hand side and click the switch so the lamp comes on.
Click on the bottom right of orange sofa (facing the fireplace), and click that switch so the lamp closest to you turns on.
Click the big painting at the back and click the switch on the bottom right to turn on the lamp in the far right corner.
Click on the little green chair in-between the door and cupboard at the back and click the switch on the bottom left of it to turn on the lamp on the blue stool.
Now click on the books on the bookshelf at the back and push all the books in that have a symbol on them.
Notice that one book doesn’t go in, this is the first clue to the circle next to the bookshelf.
There is a photo frame on the right hand side with pictures of a clock and flowers (and that symbol in the corners); you need to have a look at it before the cupboard will open.
So go back to the circle and put that symbol onto the arrow, it should open and reveal your first cube.
Next click the lamp on the red table closest to you, you can move it across and get the key from underneath.
Go to the desk on the left and use the key there to get a stand.
You can click the middle pillar at the top, click it again to get the second cube.
Go back to the bookshelf and push in that final yellow book (that would not go in before) and that should open the wall safe on the right wall for your last cube.
Click on the blue stool in the middle of the room and place your stand there.
On the yellow photo frame at the back it shows you the order to place the cubes on the stand.
Once all placed, go round all 4 lamps and click the neck of them so they shine a light at the cubes.
Once all lamps have been clicked, they will shine up to the secret compartment which has the key to escape.
Get the key and use it on the door, and you escaped!!
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