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Walkthrough - Key Card Room Escape
Free online flash games - Key Card Room Escape game - Games2Rule
Key Card Room Escape Walkthrough by Ellie(escapegames24).

Zoom on the books in lower left corner.
Click the green book to find a NAIL.
Zoom on the front legs of the right chair and click a leg to find GUM.
Zoom on the small square table and use the nail to find a SILVER CARD.
Zoom on the upper part on the right blue chair to take the white CLOTH.
Zoom on the right painting and use the cloth.
Click the eyes to make red light beams come out.
Zoom and click the floor tile where the light point at.
Zoom on the lion on top of the fireplace and use the cloth.
Click the eyes to make green light come out.
Zoom and click the floor tile where the lights point at.
Zoom on the black tiles of the fire place, below the lion.
Put the red and green lights in the two holes in the middle black tile.
Get a KEY.
Use the key on the chest on top of the fire place for a GOLD CARD.
Zoom on the lower right corner of the painting above the fire place.
Put the silver card in the slot to get a KEY PAPER.
Click the gold card to open from your inventory.
Use the gum on the gold card.
Put the key paper on the glued gold card.
You made yourself a GOLDEN KEY CARD.
Zoom on the door in back right corner and use the golden key card to escape.
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