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Walkthrough - Johnny Why Are You Late
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Johnny, Why Are You Late? Walkthrough Kitkatfox (escapegames24)

Bedroom (First Time)
Get the uniform
Get the chair
Get the small key from under the bed
Get the pink toothbrush from the top of the end of the bed
Place the chair on the rug behind the man
Get the crowbar from the air conditionerís top
Use the crowbar on the window (left wall)
Get the alarm clock and throw it out the window
Click the door to leave

Downstairs (First Time)
Get the air freshener from the left of the water cooler
Click the bathroom door to see it is occupied
Go down

Kitchen (First Time)
Note the towel out the window
Get the potato and glass from the table
Open the freezer and get the frozen toothpaste
Go right

Downstairs (Second Time)
Use the glass on the watercooler and take the hot water
Combine it with the toothpaste to unfreeze it
Add the toothpaste to the toothbrush
You have your stuff ready so click the bathroom door
Annie asks for toilet paper
Go back upstairs

Bedroom (Second Time)
Get the toilet paper
Click the door

Downstairs (Third Time)
Use the toilet paper on the bathroom door
Click the door again for a code paper
You must click to read it
Go upstairs

Bedroom (Third Time)
Enter the code into the cabinet
Get the boxing gloves and soap
NOTE!!! Leave the wallet if you want the award for driving without a license

Click the door and go right
Front Door (First Time)
Note the object in the spider web in the upper right corner
Note you canít leave with the kid there
Hit him with the boxing gloves
Take the box
Use the key on the box for the razor
Get the car keys
Note the locked room
Go left

Bathroom (First Time)
Use the air freshener to clear the air
Get the toilet paper roll from the back of the toilet
Get the plunger from by the toilet
Get the gloves from the base of the sink
Note there are places on the shelves for many of the things you found, but you are missing the towel
Go right and down

Kitchen (Second Time)
Click the tablecloth to see Annieís leg
Use the plunger to reach the towel
Enter the bathroom

Bathroom (Second Time)
Place the objects on the shelf to get dressed
Leave the bathroom and go right

Front Door (Second Time)
Note Annie is mad at your for hitting the kid
Click the door to leave

Car (First Time)
Use the car key on the back door to learn it is broken
Use the car key on the trunk for the Pyro figure
Get the broken saw from by the manís feet
Go left

Trashcan (First Time)
Get the hotdog
Click the man with it to eat it
Use the stick to catch the spider
Use the gloves on the trashcan for the Belial figure
Go left and click the door to go into the house
Click Samís room

Samís Room (First Time)
Get the ice pick
Note you are missing one action figure
Click the door to leave

Front Door (Third Time)
Use the ice pick on Annie for an award
Use the spider on the spiderweb to get the tape
Go left and down

Kitchen (Third Time)
Use the ice pick on the freezer to get the Cresil figure
Go right 2 times and click the door to Samís room

Samís Room (Second Time)
Place the action figures
Sam will tell you about the potato gun and give you a hint about the code to the cabinet
Open it and get the saw blade and lighter
(You can only open it after talking with Sam)
Click the door to leave the room then click the door to go outside

Car (Second Time)
Use the sawblade on the saw
Use the repaired saw to get the piece of pipe
Combine the pipe with the air freshener
Add the lighter
Add the tape
NOTE: for the sniper award add the toilet paper tube
Add the potato

You can leave now if you wish (use potato gun on car), or you can get another award
Go into the house, go left, and go upstairs

Bedroom (Fourth Time)
Annie is sleeping
Use what you know about her to open the chest on the cabinet
HINT - freckles
Get the picture

Go downstairs, right, and to the car
Use the potato gun on car
Click quickly until you reach 200 to get the last award
You escaped!
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