Jigsaw killer Reborn

Escape Games

Jigsaw killer-Reborn Walkthrough by premiere(escapegames24). First End - first (nearer) open room on the right, pitch dark, need to en-light it somehow... - second (further) open room on the right, take CELLPHONE on floor, NUT/BOLT/SCREW-1 under table, 2xWOODPIECE, CAMERA beside wood, SCISSORS & SPANNER on toolboard - note wire from iron box - next open door straight ahead, take RING SPANNER on pipe on the right side - note phone, watertank to the left & boiler - back & left (click on pink arrow) - next open first (nearer) door to the right, take NUT/BOLT/SCREW-2 on floor, ICE CUBES in fridge, MATCHBOX in cupboard under tv, COMPASS in box on floor - put compass in back of the clock on table to receive little KEY - note wire from tv - cut CURTAIN with scissors, open (click) it from inventory and add one of the woods for TORCH - back & to next further open door on the right - take NUT/BOLT/SCREW-3 right on floor - turn the two spots with white glass - have a look at vicious cat... - push all switches on the left, zoom out & zoom in again to push the red switch again - when zoom on cat's place, the animal is gone & you see 3 jigsaw pieces, but you can't take them... - note photos on wall & their colors - note two holes & closed compartment a on spot - note non-isolated part of long wire left on floor - right on floor zoom on a puddle of fuel, the torch in it to receive FLAMMABLE torch - open it from inventory & light it up with matchbox - 1x back & use torch on girl picture (she has a beautiful necklage... ;-D) to see NUMBERS for cellphone SP2OI1LE5RS7PO8I9LER - still with torch 2x back & enter nearer dark room to the right - take FUSE right on floor & NUT/BOLT/SCREW-4left on floor - zoom on fuse box to the left (for the right spot, look when it's written «fuse box» on black bottom tool bar) - open fuse box and place fuse in empty slot - zoom out & in on main switch on wall ahead - pull lever & turn all 4 switches till red arrows point to «end» - you'll see water tank filling with water - zoom out & your're already in the other room with the tank. - (you can now put away torch, if still in your hand ;-D) - zoom out & in on boiler (cylinder thingy ahead) & use spanner on little bolt on slim pipe left of boiler - zoom out, now you see boiler cooking... - zoom in to it, hammer the cap away with wood & put ice cubes in it to cool the boiler - zoom once more in it to take door KEY - 2x zoom out, take cellphone from inventory & put numbers found on girl pic (with red button you can erase) & click green button - the other phone in room rings now, so zoom in & look at colors & their order SPOILERORANGEGREYBLUEYELLOWBROWNSPOILER - 2x back, 1x left, further open door to the right, back in room with spots & 5 pictures - change the pic order according to the phone colors & take door KEY from now opened cupboard right under the last pic - 2x back, zoom & open first (nearer) door to the left with the key from pics - in new open room you'll see an aquarium, secured with padlock on top right edge - in the water note a bottle, also secured with padlock and guarded by lowering fish with big fangs... - take a photo of this piranha looking animal with your camera (click on red button) & the fish is swimming away, but you still can't take the bottle out of the water... - zoom out & in under aquarium to take the KNIFE - go back to room with iron box, cut WIRE-1 with knife (just under plug) & take it - same with WIRE-2 in room with tv - go to room with spots, zoom on spot with the two holes & place wires - connect the other ends with non-isolated wire left on floor - now the compartiment on the spot has opened, take the padlock KEY - go back to aquarium & open padlock with key from spot to take the BOTTLE - take bottle from inventory, open the padlock with little key from clock & take escape KEY out of bottle - go out to corridor (start screen), zoom on second (further) door to the left & open it with key from boiler - zoom on desk on floor left behind big box, put the four nuts/bolts/screws on twists & fix all with ring spanner (click on one of the twists) - lift the cover plate & take JIGSAW BOX (for the second end, not discovered yet...) - back to corridor, 2x left (click pink arrow) till blue door & open it with key from - first escape end successful! Second End - follow first end wt till receiving jigsaw box 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 - push the pieces 13 15* 7 - take KEY for blue escape door on the right & go there - second escape successful! *15, 'cause place with 10 is exchanged...
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