Jigsaw killer-Reborn Walkthrough by premiere(escapegames24). First End - first (nearer) open room on the right, pitch dark, need to en-light it somehow... - second (further) open room on the right, take CELLPHONE on floor, NUT/BOLT/SCREW-1 under table, 2xWOODPIECE, CAMERA beside wood, SCISSORS & SPANNER on toolboard - note wire from iron box - next open door straight ahead, take RING SPANNER on pipe on the right side - note phone, watertank to the left & boiler - back & left (click on pink arrow) - next open first (nearer) door to the right, take NUT/BOLT/SCREW-2 on floor, ICE CUBES in fridge, MATCHBOX in cupboard under tv, COMPASS in box on floor - put compass in back of the clock on table to receive little KEY - note wire from tv - cut CURTAIN with scissors, open (click) it from inventory and add one of the woods for TORCH - back & to next further open door on the right - take NUT/BOLT/SCREW-3 right on floor - turn the two spots with white glass - have a look at vicious cat... - push all switches on the left, zoom out & zoom in again to push the red switch again - when zoom on cat's place, the animal is gone & you see 3 jigsaw pieces, but you can't take them... - note photos on wall & their colors - note two holes & closed compartment a on spot - note non-isolated part of long wire left on floor - right on floor zoom on a puddle of fuel, the torch in it to receive FLAMMABLE torch - open it from inventory & light it up with matchbox - 1x back & use torch on girl picture (she has a beautiful necklage... ;-D) to see NUMBERS for cellphone SP2OI1LE5RS7PO8I9LER - still with torch 2x back & enter nearer dark room to the right - take FUSE right on floor & NUT/BOLT/SCREW-4left on floor - zoom on fuse box to the left (for the right spot, look when it's written «fuse box» on black bottom tool bar) - open fuse box and place fuse in empty slot - zoom out & in on main switch on wall ahead - pull lever & turn all 4 switches till red arrows point to «end» - you'll see water tank filling with water - zoom out & your're already in the other room with the tank. - (you can now put away torch, if still in your hand ;-D) - zoom out & in on boiler (cylinder thingy ahead) & use spanner on little bolt on slim pipe left of boiler - zoom out, now you see boiler cooking... - zoom in to it, hammer the cap away with wood & put ice cubes in it to cool the boiler - zoom once more in it to take door KEY - 2x zoom out, take cellphone from inventory & put numbers found on girl pic (with red button you can erase) & click green button - the other phone in room rings now, so zoom in & look at colors & their order SPOILERORANGEGREYBLUEYELLOWBROWNSPOILER - 2x back, 1x left, further open door to the right, back in room with spots & 5 pictures - change the pic order according to the phone colors & take door KEY from now opened cupboard right under the last pic - 2x back, zoom & open first (nearer) door to the left with the key from pics - in new open room you'll see an aquarium, secured with padlock on top right edge - in the water note a bottle, also secured with padlock and guarded by lowering fish with big fangs... - take a photo of this piranha looking animal with your camera (click on red button) & the fish is swimming away, but you still can't take the bottle out of the water... - zoom out & in under aquarium to take the KNIFE - go back to room with iron box, cut WIRE-1 with knife (just under plug) & take it - same with WIRE-2 in room with tv - go to room with spots, zoom on spot with the two holes & place wires - connect the other ends with non-isolated wire left on floor - now the compartiment on the spot has opened, take the padlock KEY - go back to aquarium & open padlock with key from spot to take the BOTTLE - take bottle from inventory, open the padlock with little key from clock & take escape KEY out of bottle - go out to corridor (start screen), zoom on second (further) door to the left & open it with key from boiler - zoom on desk on floor left behind big box, put the four nuts/bolts/screws on twists & fix all with ring spanner (click on one of the twists) - lift the cover plate & take JIGSAW BOX (for the second end, not discovered yet...) - back to corridor, 2x left (click pink arrow) till blue door & open it with key from - first escape end successful! Second End - follow first end wt till receiving jigsaw box 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 - push the pieces 13 15* 7 - take KEY for blue escape door on the right & go there - second escape successful! *15, 'cause place with 10 is exchanged...
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CATEGORY Escape Games
GAME TAGS Logic Mind Objects Trap Jigsaw Hints Killer Room
GAME INSTRUCTION This is the 100th escape game of games2rule and First time there are two ways to escape from one game. Jigsaw killer-reborn is new type of point and click escape game from games2rule. This time, you have to escape from the trap set by new Jigsaw killer. Jigsaw killer is reborn to make a trap in which you will have to escape from the building. There are two exit door in this game you have a choice or you can try both. Have a great fun on playing the game.
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