Greatest Trap Escape Walkthrough by kitkatfox(escapegames24). Blue Room: Zoom on the floor in the corner and pick up the EYEDROPPER/INK FILLER Zoom on the window blinds Click each to close them all and you will find 4 symbols (on the 5th, 10th, 14th, and 17th blinds) Zoom on the colorful spin board Click those symbols and get the KEY Solution below Zoom on the small chest of drawers Open the middle drawer (no key needed) and get the 5 BAGS OF DRY INK (if you opened the top drawer first, you can close it to reach the middle one) Use the key on the top drawer and get the MAGIC MAGNIFYING GLASS/HAND LENS Zoom on the door handle Use the magic magnifier to see into the second room There are 3 more symbols Zoom on the spin board again Un-select the 4 symbols you pressed earlier (you can tell which ones are pressed because they have a boarder around them) Press the three new symbols Solution below Get the SECOND KEY Zoom on the door again Use the key and then click to enter the Green Room Green Room: Get the GLASS BOWL and LIGHT BULB from the gray table Get the KNIFE from the wooden stand Zoom on the sink Click the faucet to turn it on Place the bowl and fill it with water Zoom on the gray table Place the bowl of water Now add a packet of powdered ink Use the dropper to take up ink Take back the bowl Zoom on the gray panel over the sink You can add the ink from the dropper to the test tube The color order you need is on the wall, but you can only put the colors in the correct test tubes Zoom on the sink and dump the bowl Refill with fresh water Zoom on the table and repeat making ink for each packet Place the colors in the test tubes and then press the green button when done Get the THIRD KEY Zoom on the door and use the key Click to enter the Purple Room Purple Room: Don’t zoom in anywhere, just use the magnifier on the door to see the hidden clickable panels on the walls You can set the symbols Set them correctly, and the door to the red room will open Solution below Click to enter the Red Room Red Room: Zoom on the wire box to the right of the door Click to open the panel Click the 2 broken wires to repair them Zoom on the holder to the left of the door Place the light bulb and it should be working Click the bulb and the red light moves You need to set the red light Back up and look at the left wall – numbers should appear if it is correct Zoom on the numbers and then zoom on the locker on the bottom left of the wall Enter the numbers and hit the arrow button to enter them The locker will open -- get the FOURTH KEY Solutions below Zoom on the door, use the key, and Click to enter the Orange Room Orange Room: There is a panel for codes on the back wall Zoom on the rectangle at the bottom of the right side of the giant cardboard box Use the knife to open the panel Click to see the code inside Enter this into the code box on the wall Press the red button The numbers will switch to symbols Zoom on the cardboard box panel again and they have changed! Enter the new code Repeat through sets of 2 numbers and one of symbols After the second set of numbers, back up and see the door to the box is open Enter and escape! Solutions ________________________________________ Spin board part 1 Click the board pieces with the same markings from the miniblinds you closed. The 4 symbols on the blinds are the camping tent, gear, DNA helix, and fountain pen Spin board part 2 Click the board pieces with the markings you see from room 2 when you use the magnifier on the door lock. fire,5-dots star, and ribbon Symbols in the purple room The red vase in the blue room has the symbols on it. Just enter them as on the vase (3 top row, 3 middle row, and 2 bottom row from left to right). Grenade,exclamation point,s girl,tools,part of a question mark clock,building NOTE!!! This only works if you have zoomed on the vase. If you haven’t, back up to the blue room, look at the vase and return to the purple room. The shapes you clicked will still be set. If you had them all correct, reset one and return it to the correct shape. The door should open. Setting the bulb Click the bulb to rotate the red light. When you have it correct, the numbers appear on the left wall. I think you set it in the same position as the red section of the spin board. Either that, or it is just trial and error until the numbers appear. The dark red tear drop shape on the spin board is in the bottom left position. 31257 Last code box The first time you go to enter things into the code box, the code solution in the bottom of the right side of the cardboard box has all three arrows going to the right You simply read the code from left to right 258 The second time you go to enter things into the code box, you need symbols. Zoom on the cardboard box panel again and this time the arrows are left, right, and right. Enter them so that the 2 arrows going the same way are first (right to left as the arrows show), and the one with the backwards arrow is last. So last, middle, first or frog,+,plane The third time you enter things into the code box, you again need numbers. Zoom on the cardboard box panel and the arrows are left, right, right. Again, enter the 2 with the same direction first (this time left to right as the arrows show) and the odd arrow number last. So middle, right, left or 758.
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GAME TAGS Puzzle Hidden Trap Room Escape Logic Mind
GAME INSTRUCTION Greatest Trap Escape is another new point and click room escape game from Unfortunately You are trapped inside a room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from room by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the room. Good Luck and Have Fun!.
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