Castle Bedroom Escape walkthrough by kitkatfox(escapegames24). Step 1: Find the Objects Zoom on the table at the left edge of the screen Take the YELLOW OIL BOWL Zoom under the table and get the STICK Zoom between the chair and the left side of the bed and take the PUZZLE BOX Click the light green stool that is left of the pillar between the doors Get the ROUND STICK Step 2: Solve the Peg Puzzle Zoom on the picture over the bed There is a light/dark/light circle clue on it In the room, there are 3 sets of holes you can put the peg in. The first is in the upper left part of the room on the leftmost wood piece hanging from the ceiling. The second is in the middle of the pillar closest to you. The third is half way up the pillar between the chairs with light green cushions You need to put the peg in the position shown as the dark circle on the painting over the bed. The painting shows you putting the peg in the center of the 3 holes. If you try this in each of the 3 sets of holes, you will find that putting the peg in the middle hole of the near pillar makes the painting change. Take the peg back. The new pattern on the painting has the dark circle on the right end. Put the peg in the right hole on the pillar between the chairs with green cushions makes the painting change again. Take the peg back. Now put the peg according to the painting in the left hole in the holes near the upper left corner of the game. This will open the painting over the bed Take the FIRST KEY Step 3: Solve the Puzzle Box Click the oil bowl to open the about item view Use the stick in it for an OILY STICK Zoom on the floor in front of the table Use the stick on the floor to get the LIT OILY STICK Zoom on the 3 sets of candles in the room – right of the table, middle pillar, and right pillar between those cushioned seats Light all of them at the using the oily stick Each set of candles when lit will show a pattern of light and dark circles behind them Click each to zoom in on the 4 circles shown Now click the circles so you get a pattern of 7 These are the patterns for your puzzle box. Like before with the peg, the middle pillar is the first one – so the top row for dark and light is -- SPOILERDLDLDLLSPOILER The second and third row take a bit of trial and error. They are: Second row is from by the mirror -- SPOILERLDLLDDLSPOILER The third row is from the pillar by the doors -- SPOILERLLDLDDDSPOILER Get the SECOND KEY Step 4: Solve the Crosses There are 4 crosses over the right door, and 4 over the bed – turn all of them so they have the symbols facing you Now zoom under the left cross over the right door – get the THIRD KEY Step 5: Escape! Zoom on the right door Use the smooth light gray keys from the cross and the peg puzzle to unlock the bars on the door When the door opens, there is a mirror out there! Zoom on the drawer of the table where you found the oil bowl Use the key from the puzzle box to unlock the drawer Get the PAPER with KEY IMAGE Zoom on the right door and use the paper on the mirror to get a REAL DOOR KEY Zoom on the left door Use this key on the lock to escape!
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CATEGORY Escape Games
GAME TAGS Escape Hidden Castle Hints Candle Bedroom
GAME INSTRUCTION Castle Bedroom Escape is another new point and click room escape game from You are trapped inside in a Castle Room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the castle bedroom. Good Luck and Have Fun!
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