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CATEGORY Escape Games
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GAME INSTRUCTION Assume that you are trapped in a house and you try to escape from that house by using a key, objects, hints and by solving puzzles. Can you Escape? We hope you will escape from there
  • Free online flash games - Night Cherry Blossoms Room EscapeNight Cherry Blossoms Room Esc.. It is a simple 3D escape game that ends in about 10 minutes. Escape from the room where you can see the night cherry blossoms...
  • Free online flash games - Templar CastleTemplar Castle You are trapped in the castle of the knights templar. Find the numbers and solve the puzzles to open the castle gate...
  • Free online flash games - Village Bunny EscapeVillage Bunny Escape In this game, bunny to escape this village. Assume that somebody locked bunny need to move out for village. bunny needs help now. Click on the objects..
  • Free online flash games - Egg Rabbit RescueEgg Rabbit Rescue There were a few houses in a beautiful and magnificent village. The location and the housing was very beautiful. There was egg rabbit in that place. T..
  • Free online flash games - Indigent Rescue from Tree HouseIndigent Rescue from Tree Hous.. In a tree house unfortunately the poor man got trapped by a dangerous person. Rescue the poor man before the dangerous person come back. Use and inter..
  • Free online flash games - Escape Baja BeachEscape Baja Beach You woke up stranded on Baja Beach! Look around and see what you can find that might help you escape!..
  • Free online flash games - Escape From Fantasy World Level 20Escape From Fantasy World Leve.. Assume that you are trapped in the fantasy world and you try to escape from the fantasy world by using a magic wand, objects, key, hints and by solvin..
  • Free online flash games - Cute Wise Boy RescueCute Wise Boy Rescue There was a small village in your beautiful country. The location and the housing were very beautiful. A Wise Boy lived in that village. One day, that..
  • Free online flash games - Girl Rescue From Stone HouseGirl Rescue From Stone House.. We know that you are a great fan of Escape games but that doesn’t mean you should not like puzzles. So here we present you Girl Rescue From Stone Ho..
  • Free online flash games - G4k Pottery Boy RescueG4k Pottery Boy Rescue A pottery boy lived in a large city. The place is very intimidating to see. There was a deserted palace in that place. One day that pottery boy went t..
  • Free online flash games - Skirmish Castle Treasure EscapeSkirmish Castle Treasure Escap.. This castle had most precious treasure at some hidden spot of the castle so here you going to find the treasure. Interact everything in this game like..
  • Free online flash games - Fantasy Armor Shield EscapeFantasy Armor Shield Escape.. In this fantasy escape game, you need to find the Armor Shield. By finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle, you can find the Armor Shield...
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