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CATEGORY Escape Games
GAME TAGS Escape Christmas Finding Gift Journey Hints Mind Logic Santa Claus North Pole
GAME INSTRUCTION Christmas gift journey Christmas gift journey is another point and click type of escape game developed by This game is the story of a little boy’s journey towards his Christmas gift. The journey start from the little boy house and ends in North Pole Santa Claus house. This little boy is going to travel totally five parts to reach his Christmas gift .Each part he will be trapped or will get into struggle between somewhere. You have to travel in this journey with this little boy to help him to get the Christmas gift from Santa. Christmas gift journey 5 The final part - Santa’s House Finally the little boy is now in front of the Santa’s house. Help the boy to wake up the Santa to get his Christmas gift and finish the journey. Before that you want find the way to open Santa’s bed room door. And don’t forget the previous level letter code because Santa will ask the boy to enter the three digit code to get his Christmas gift.
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