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CATEGORY Escape Games
GAME TAGS Escape Beauty Forest Rescue Games Escape Games New Escape Games Live Escape Games AVMGames
GAME INSTRUCTION At first you thought that this is just an ordinary forest but you are wrong. You were walking peacefully when you heard something. It sounds something musical and you thought that someone is just making that sound. Moments later, you saw the trees light up.
  • Free online flash games - Forest Precious Gold EscapeForest Precious Gold Escape.. It is said that long time ago there was a king who kept his ornaments and other valuables in a chest and hid the chest somewhere nobody can find. Trea..
  • Free online flash games - Santa Surprise at the SeashoreSanta Surprise at the Seashore.. In a seashore hotel during the Christmas Eve, kids are upset due to Santa’s absence. So you to make Santa’s surprise visit and make the kids happy..
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  • Free online flash games - Xmas Snowman RescueXmas Snowman Rescue The Christmas story of this game is to escape boy from this place. Assume that someone locked boy need to move out for Christmas celebration. He needs..
  • Free online flash games - Snow Head Reindeer ForestSnow Head Reindeer Forest.. In this escape game, you came to celebrate this Christmas in a snowy forest. You missed the way out from this forest. In this forest, there is reindee..
  • Free online flash games - Christmas Find The Holy WaterChristmas Find The Holy Water.. Assume that your holy water was hidden by your friend. Now you are going to find the holy water by using objects, hints and solving puzzles. We hope y..
  • Free online flash games - Joyous Girl EscapeJoyous Girl Escape In a beautiful lonely village a few houses and people live there. There is a joyous girl living in that village. That joyous girl is getting a hare. T..
  • Free online flash games - Christmas Find The Candle PacketChristmas Find The Candle Pack.. Assume that your candle packet was hidden by your friend. Now you are going to find the candle packet by using a key, objects, hints and solving puzzl..
  • Free online flash games - G4k Drone EscapeG4k Drone Escape The villagers lived very happy. A drone lives in that village. Those people were so afraid of the drone. But that drone was so sinful. The people who..
  • Free online flash games - 5n Town House Park Escape5n Town House Park Escape.. Assume that you went for a jog in the town park and lost your house key. Now, you have finished your run and want to go home to refresh yourself, but ..
  • Free online flash games - 365 Red Room Escape365 Red Room Escape You are a tourist who is trying to get out of this red hotel room. Look around and try to somehow find the missing key. Find hints to solve the nine p..
  • Free online flash games - G4K White Mare RescueG4K White Mare Rescue In this game, there was a magnificent and beautiful palace in the middle of a very pretty forest. There was a white mare in that palace. That lightish..
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